Who are we really? And what's our special thing? Let us tell you!

Tilab International AB was founded in 1996 and have since then succesfully developed the operation as importers and distributors during the last 22 years. We have since the very start mainly worked with dairy products and have during these years created a wide portfolio and competent co-workers.

During the years we've developed a strength in adapting to the customers' wishes, ideas and thoughts. In that way we've become experts in sourcing new, exciting products and at the same time create efficient display solutions. Our whole business is built on the needs expressed by our customers.

We have the past two years gone through a strategic transformation where we have activly chosen to step away from the classic arrangement with a sales force all over the country. Instead we've chosen to become a supplier dedicated to the retail chains directly, campaigns and private label development. By doing this we've also widened our assortment that now includes more non chilled items, more frozen items, vegan products and so on. 

13 employees are situated in our strategically well placed office and warehouse in Karlstad, Sweden. From here we reach Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo within approximately three hours by car. Our warehouse is 2400 m² and have space for 600 chilled and 60 frozen pallets. Except from that the rest is space for dry goods.


With 22 years in the business you create a lot of contacts and int Tilab's case most of these contacts are spread all over Europe.

Tilab started the journey of import from the Baltics. That quickly lead us in to new paths and business in Germany. From Germany the network has just grown over the years and now our partners are situated all the way from Cyprus to Denmark.

Our wide network makes sure we can alway optimize the deliveries to Sweden with full trucks and minimized costs.


We’ve built up an efficient and reliable transport system together with Nagel Group where we always bring full trucks from Europe to Sweden. Even if the customer wants to order 3 pallets we can calculate on 33 pallets, since we can combine goods from different suppliers to fill up the truck. We will always bring goods to Sweden with the lowest transport cost.


Since we deliver to the Swedish retail chains between 1-2 times per week already, new products benefit from our existing domestic transport system.

We deliver to the central warehouses of each retail chain and have a weight based price list from our partner, Bring Frigo. This means that the more we ship, the cheaper it gets.


We always try to maximize the number of consumer units per pallets. That way we keep the transport costs at lowest possible levels. We always pick up full pallets from the warehouse of the producer. In our warehouse in Karlstad, Sweden, we re-pack the products in to pallets customized to the Swedish retail market (max. 1,25 m).

We always take care of pallet labels that are adjusted to our customers systems.


Our warehouse and office is placed in Karlstad, three hours from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo. Here we have capacity of 600 chilled pallets, 1200 dry pallets and 60 pallets frozen goods.

We off load and ship goods from here five days a week. This is where we customize every single order according to our customers’ requests.


We have a flat organization where all the employes are empowered to make their own decisions. That make quick business, feedback, information and decisions possible. This benefits our customers and gives them the opportunities to develop their business in a quick way.
We are a company that can work with low margins, which also make the common business benefitial.


We always choose our suppliers carefully and quality assurance is one of the most important criterias to us. We work with suppliers that are certified on the highest possible levels. Food safety is an important topic that is always evaluated along the cooperation.

We work in systems that are well implemented on the Swedish retail market and which also gives us control over quality of the products.

We are, together with the HACCP certification IP-Sigill, certified to handle organic products. We will during 2018-2019 be BRC-certified food brokers.


Our strength is that we’re not afraid to change and having to act quickly. We change all the time. And we do it
together with our customers. Our business exists to find solutions to your needs.
All the processes are based on a demand from the ones that knows their markets the best. We just love innovation.


With our over twenty years of presence on the Swedish market we know our customers well by now. We have a high frequence when it comes to meetings and always keep a tight dialogue. That way we pick up signals from them so that we can be proactive in our sourcing and business development.

With the heart in Värmland and the feet in Europe

Tilab is a family company established already in 1996 and we've since then worked as importers and distributors of food products to the Swedish market. Today we have a wide network of suppliers all over Europe that supplies us with new, innovative products for the Swedish customers.

We are no cowards - we love trying new things

Tilab's assortment was to begin with specialized on dairy and cheese products and we still have some of the products from back then in our assortment, although the design has changes slightly since then.

The development is constant and today you find products such as juice, vegan products, canned products, protein products, sugar and bread in our catalogue. We are no cowards - we love trying new things. 

Innovative entrepreneurs that love our jobs

We really love our jobs. We love that we every day get to involve our customers in taking part in new and innovative news. We're more than happy to help you as a customer to find the unique product that you are looking for. Straight from our business plan: "We shall be the most innovative, most flexible and most profitable supplier to our customers".

Good food for all the moments in life

Our assortment is handpicked and has a wide spread. You find well priced products of good quality that fits all moments in life. We have the protein shot when you're on the go to hit the gym as well as the tasty juice for the calm Sunday breakfast. 

When we source new products and choose to let them in to our warehouse we have a high level of control and would never sell a product that we haven't approved ourselves. 

A creative supplier of Swedish industry

The past five years have knowingly and succesfully been focused on establishing Tilab as a new and creative supplier in the food industry. Today we work with several of the biggest wholesalers and producers within the industry. You find raw material supplied by Tilab on sandwiches and pizzas all over the country.

Products for the small and big kitchen

Just like in the work towards the retail market we love providing our industry customers new thinking ideas, just in a bigger, more suitable packaging. We see product development as something constant that and we always look for the nex thing. Today we offer everything from cheese, canned fruit and vegetables, bread, pasta, yogurt and mayonnaise. We also have a full assorment of organic products where you can find anything you wish for, for the small or the big kitchen. What our customers ask for, we deliver if it's one single carton or a full truck.