We strive to maintain both sustainable relations and products

It is extremely important to us to cooperate with companies that have a serious quality and environmental policy. In product development the sustainabilty is also a factor that plays a big part. As mentioned, social questions are also highly important and therefore we only cooperate with companies that approves to and follows our code of conduct.

We have chosen to work with transport companies with a good reputation, which continuously strives to minimize their environmental impact. They are therefore training their employees in environmental issues and are actively working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their own transport operations. We are constantly working to optimize and environmentalize our logistics planning.

As and importer and distributor we set the bar high both for ourselves and our suppliers and take responsibility all along the chain of goods. 

We care for the environment as well as that production of imported goods is following human rights and work ethics. 

We are certified according to IP standard and Sigill Quality System AB's basic certification IP Livsmedel. This standard contains requirements based on food law and consolidates our good work regarding HACCP, food safety, traceability, hygiene and labeling. We are also affiliated with REPA. During 2018-2019 we will start the process of becoming BRC certified traders.

Through transparency and commitment to environmental issues, we shall create confidence in our business with customers, owners, employees, the public and the authorities. We must also act based on this trust. By constantly evaluating what we do based on its environmental impact, we work for a sustainable future.

Active environmental work and reducing the company's environmental impact are ongoing work that requires constant improvements. We work with this by maintaining close dialogue with customers as well as suppliers, as well as following our certification requirements.